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Cabarrus County Schools Timekeeper: LINQ Time Keeper is a module of the LINQ Payroll system that helps keep track of time worked and payroll data. This article will cover how to set up and use LINQ Time Keeper, as well as some tips on how to improve its performance.

Cabarrus County Schools Timekeeper

What is LINQ Time Keeper?

LINQ Time Keeper is a module of the LINQ Payroll system that helps keep track of time worked for employees. It provides a simple and easy to use interface for tracking time worked, calculating pay, and generating reports.

How LINQ Time Keeper works with the LINQ Payroll system

The LINQ Time Keeper module is a part of the LINQ Payroll system and it helps you keep track of employee time. You can use it to calculate payouts, assign pay periods, and get reports on employee hours worked. The module is easy to use and it has all the features you need to manage your payroll accurately.

What are the benefits of using LINQ Time Keeper?

LINQ Time Keeper is a module of the LINQ Payroll system that allows you to keep track of employee hours worked. This module helps you to automate your payroll process and keep track of hours worked accurately. Additionally, it provides reports that can help you to manage your payroll costs more efficiently.


LINQ Time Keeper is a module of the LINQ Payroll system that helps you track time and bill employees for it. It provides an easy way to keep track of hours worked, overtime hours, breaks taken, and other employee data. Additionally, it can automatically generate invoices and payroll reports based on your data. If you are looking for a reliable solution to manage your time and billing needs, LINQ Time Keeper is a good option to consider.


What is LINQ Time Keeper?
LINQ Time Keeper is a module of the LINQ Payroll system that helps automate payroll processing. It provides a common interface for accessing various payroll systems, including Microsoft Office 365 and PeopleSoft. LINQ Time Keeper can also import data from other sources, such as databases and excel sheets.

How does LINQ Time Keeper work?
LINQ Time Keeper enables you to automate your payroll process by providing a common interface for access to various payroll systems. The module imports data from other sources, such as databases and excel sheets, and can also generate reports in various formats. You can use the module to process payroll transactions, create pay stubs, and manage employee records.

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LINQ Time Keeper – A Module of the LINQ Payroll system.
Time Keeper. Current Time/Date on Server: 2:18:21 PM 12 Jul 2022 (Tue) ; Menu. Home · Administrator · Clock In / Out · Employee Portal. Employee Profile.

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You are able to access LINQ Time Keeper only while using the Chatham County Schools network.

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